Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Subiaco Station Market

Whenever I'm abroad, I will always go to a food market, and since I have been living in WA, one of my favourite things to do on a weekend is to go to Subiaco Market, just a little way out of central Perth.It's not old in terms of markets, it's only been around since the 80's, but it has established itself as something of an institution locally.

 About a third of it is comprised of fresh produce, but there is also a small butchers, a health food shop and some non food stalls which I haven't spent too much time looking at, except for the flowers, which seem exotic to someone from the UK.  There is also an area for eating, with small catering stalls. You can choose from Indian, Mexican, Ghanaian, Japanese, Malaysian and Vietnamese cuisine, as well as French crepes and Turkish gözleme. So far I have had crispy Saigon chicken from the Vietnamese stall, curry goat and palava, a smoked fish dish, from the Ghanaian stall and the last time I had lamb curry with dhal and a potato paratha from the Indian stall.

The only thing I haven't enjoyed was the palava- the flavour was far too strong for me. This is hard for someone who is proud of being a non-fussy eater to admit, but I couldn't finish it.Luckily I had something to fill me up- I always pick up an almond croissant from the Galette de France Stall- they're utterly delicious, flaky pastries stuffed with creme pâtisserie.

Subiaco isn't as grand as food markets like the Boqueira in Barcelona, or as beautiful as the Campo di Fiori in Rome. But it has real spirit and a lovely sense of community which makes every visit a treat, and it has very very nice almond croissants.

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