Saturday, 30 July 2011

Salt Beef Sandwiches

The salt beef now brined, salted, cooked and cooled, I could move on to actually eating it. My first thought was to recreate the Reuben sandwich that I ate in the Carnegie Deli in New York. In the end I felt that location was too important a factor, it just wouldn't be the same in your living room in the West-Midlands, however delicious the end result.  I settled for a much simpler affair- this is not to say casual, there is an art to making a sandwich that is truly worth eating. Generous quantities of meat, sliced thinly and piled high, some searing English mustard, and homemade mayonnaise, in good bread.
I didn't bother with salad, I wanted it as simple as possible for my first meal with the salt beef in. I think a pickle on the side would have gone down well though, an appreciative nod to the New York deli.

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